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Why I'm Running

I became a lawyer to fight for justice. For 34 years, I’ve worked to help people protect their livelihoods, their homes, and their families. Nine years ago, I had the honor of being named Magistrate of the Common Pleas Court, gaining crucial judicial experience presiding over civil, criminal, and domestic relations cases. As Judge, I will make Preble County a place where people know they will be treated fairly in Court and a place where criminals who would prey on our citizens know they should avoid.

I’ve spent my entire life in Preble County. It’s where my wife and I raised our children, the only place my parents lived during their 59-year marriage, and where my in-laws worked a farm that has been in their family for more than a century.  This is our home, and I am committed to making it an even better and safer place to live.

Over the years, I have given thousands of hours to organizations dedicated to helping Preble County children, senior citizens, and every age group in between. I’ve seen first-hand how many of our neighbors struggle. Some have been victims of crime, others just victims of bad luck. I want to do more to help.

My work as an attorney and magistrate and my service to this community, have prepared me to continue to serve the people of Preble County as Judge of the Common Pleas Court. I ask for your vote in 2018.

The other pages of this website contain information about my experience, my education, my community service, and my family; a description of some of the innovations I would like to bring to the Court; and a request for your help with the campaign. If we can put a sign in your yard or count on your help making phone calls or knocking on doors, please send us your e-mail address either in the box at the top of this page or on the "Get Involved" page.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the information we have provided. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or suggestions.

  • Preble County Native, Preble County Values

  • 34 Years of Legal Experience

  • 9 Years Judicial Experience

  • Tough on Crime, Fair to All

  • Lifetime of Service to Preble County

  • Married 35 years, Two Children

  • Small Business and Farm Owner

Steve Bruns